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Date Night Holidays

Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas


Look 1: So Coach

ZARA Off-The-Shoulder Jumpsuit//  Call It Spring Shoes // The Limited Purse  // ALDO Panama Straw Hat

Look 2: Cinnamon

Pants: Charlotte Russe // Top: Charlotte Russe // Shoes: GoJane (on sale!) // Nail Polish: Ciate // Accessories: ALDO

Look 3 : Red, Black, and Stripes

Skirt:Charlotte Russe (Love this!) // Top: Charlotte Russe // Shoes: ALDO // Sunglasses: Emblem Eyewear // Clutch: Vintage

Look 4: Winter Pastels

Madewell Skinny White Jeans // Madewell Blush Turtleneck Sweater //ASOS Misguided Lace Up Sneakers //H&M Beanie

Not sure what to wear on Valentine’s Day or whether your over dressed or under dressed? Who cares? Haha! I’ve rounded up a few outfits that I think would be great for a chic or casual look.

I suggest making sure you know what it is you’re doing or going, and if it’s a surprise, simple ask your date whether to dress casual or elegant. Depending on the plans, they should be able to let you know what type of outfit to go for.

Don’t have a date on Valentine? Don’t beat yourself up for it, it’s probably better that way so you’re not mislead or expecting anything. I plan on grabbing drinks with my girls this day to really celebrate some LOVE. I’ve explained why I don’t really care too much about Valentine’s day on Instagram a bit but I’ll tell you guys a bit more on why it’s such a stressful waste of time.

Two people who think they have it all figured out but mostly likely don’t, try to show their love for each other on ONE special day. Why? There’s no point in going all out just for one day, if you really care; do it on a regular basis, a monthly basis. A few people will say “she’s just hating because blah blah blah” uhm, no, I would want the person I care about to prove their love rather than providing me materialistic things that we believe symbolize love. Another reason why I don’t care for this commercial holiday is because it puts a lot of pressure and stress on the person that is expected to do something, we don’t need any of that around here. I wouldn’t want someone to expect anything out of me if I don’t really want to, so why pressure someone on V-day? Don’t be one of those sour individuals that hates Valentine’s day because you don’t have a Valentine. Look at this day as a normal day and show your appreciation to those who really make an impact in your life.

Thank you so much for reading!

XO, Olivia

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