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Hey Ladies! Happy Thursday!

Today I wanted to share a fitness post on the importance of stretching. I don’t talk about working out as much as I should be considering how much I’m into health & fitness. Stretching is usually looked passed upon because we don’t see results, and thats the issue, but if you make sure to add it to your routine, you won’t feel any cramps, or any joint pains here and there. (I’ll get to what  I like to focus on and why later on in the post.)

Stretching is important for both men and women, so encourage your man to do some stretching with you (he’ll thank you later)! Also, make sure to stretch before AND after a workout!

Most people don’t think stretching is very important but getting in a good stretch is really great to stay energetic throughout your day. Also, to keep the blood flow and circulation moving for a healthier body and fresh mind for happier moods!

Stretching is especially good if you’re sitting at a desk all day! That’s because you put a lot of pressure on your gluteus and lower back. I have scoliosis, this condition means that my spine is curved. But its a small curve so no worries! However, I do get lower back pains so I appreciate a good back stretch on the daily!

I really enjoy yoga, fitness, spin classes, running, and hiking outdoors to stay fit and in shape! I especially love yoga classes, that has to be the best exercise you can do to get a perfect stretch. Other days when i’m not in yoga, I like to throw a video on YouTube of a good video that can walk me through a complete body stretch.

I hope this helps you get moving!


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