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Spring Legs : Harry’s Shave Set

Spring Season is slowly approaching, as it starts to trickle in, us ladies have to prepare our legs for the warmer weather. 

The secret behind Harry’s Shave set is that they have great razors at a fair price! No more having to decide between an expensive razor or a cheap razor that doesn’t do the job! With Harry’s you get the best of both worlds. How? You may ask. The razors you buy at the store is expensive because the retailer needs to make a profit, so the brand needs to bump up the price for both to make some type of earning, so Harry’s model is to avoid that by selling directly to their consumers online!

Everything from the blades, to the handle, even the shaving cream is top notch. Harry’s shave set is so affordable and the blades are still sharp. Un-boxing the set was so impressive as the packaging was so cute. The set came in this box that’s perfect to keep your shaving essentials in, even if you’re traveling. The Winston set came with an engraved Winston Razor Handle, foaming shave gel, 3 German blade cartridges, and a travel blade cover! My favorite part was the scent of the foaming gel, it smelled like a man’s shaving gel but I honestly didn’t care and really liked it especially because it left my legs smooth.

Harry’s Winston Set

  1. I started off by prepping by legs with some warm water and added just a tad bit of shaving cream. Be careful as the can tends to let too much out so watch your pump.
  2. Rub the foaming gel in your hands to create a foam-like texture, then rub all over your legs.
  3. Start Shaving! Don’t worry about skipping your knees either as these blades are so comfortable and include a lubricating strip so you don’t have to worry about a shave nick on your knee. I hate those! So I usually get nervous about shaving my knees. However, not with Harry’s 5 German blades, no more worries and a clean shaved knee! 😉
  4. Once done shaving, I noticed one thing, I didn’t just wash off the excess shaving cream. Instead, I rubbed it off with a wet towel. This particular step allowed for my legs to stay smooth from the AMAZING smelling shaving cream I was telling you guys about.

At the moment they’re having a shave club free trial that I would definitely take advantage of this offer to try out something new!

What are you doing to prepare for Spring? Let me know in the comments below!

Thank you so much for reading!

Xo, Olivia

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