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Fitness STYLE

Sporty Chic with Adidas







ADIDAS tights // ADIDAS hat //ADIDAS jacket

ADIDAS shirt ( saw this at the outlet!) // ADIDAS water bottle 

NIKE shoes [similar!]

 Summer is right around the corner and I’ve been really trying to make the gym a priority, along with watching my eating habits. Sometimes I find motivation in my outfits, I enjoy spicing it up and wearing bright spring colors to really push me to hit the gym. What better way than with Adidas? I’ve been a fan ever since I got the original soccer pants, so comfortable and perfect fitting for a relaxing training session.

So I wanted to share a fun workout look that you can really wear on the go or during a training session I paired a jacket because it was a bit chilly that day. The jacket is very light weight and can be easily tied around the waste while running or training.

I immediately fell in love with these stella sport tights because of its bold orange color, a great addition to my spring collection wardrobe. The tights have full zippers down the sides, perfect for women that need a little extra room for their calves. The fabric is soft and stretchy so it keeps the sweat off my skin during a session.

I wanted to keep this look fun, sporty, and bold, so I went with a fun pineapple top, and a colorful water bottle to add spice to my routine.  I really hope this helps motivate you to go out and go for a jog, bike ride, play a sport, or simply be outdoors.

Thank you so much for reading!


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