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REMIX: Printed Pants

Do you ever have trouble pairing up your print pants with a cute top? Here are just a couple of ways on how I pair up my print pants. 
1.Paisley-nessTry wearing your print pants with a nice peplum top! If the pants are fit and snug, the best way to wear it is with a nice flowy top.


Pair the print pants with a blazer! Depending on where you’re going, it’s always nice to throw on a blazer to make the outfit more professional and sophisticated. 


Go with a fun colorful top! If you think your pants have a boring print to it and want to stand out, go with a complementary colored top/

Stay mellow and safe with a gorgeous white top. Keep the focus on the pants and pair it with a nice statement necklace so the top isn’t too boring. 


Make the top the statement piece rather than the print pants. When wearing black and white printed pants, go bold! Bring in a bold, pop of color into the outfit.


Match! Match your top with your pants but make sure its a nice print, not zebra print or leopard print, because then you’ll just look like an animal and we don’t want that. So if its floral or patterned, match it up with a nice peplum, or a blazer. Or again, keep it mellow with a plain white top


Try a different colored top that also complements the print.

Make sure not to wear to much accessories because there is already so much going on with the pants you’re wearing.
Which is your favorite way to wear print pants?

Thank you so much for reading!

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