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My Current Fitness Routine

As the weather gets nicer during this time of year, we can finally spend more time outdoors and get a serious fitness routine going. Beach weather and summer adventures is all the motivation I need to get me in workout mode.

As many of you have seen on my Instagram, I’ve been sharing a few more fitness posts since I’ve really focused on a routine. The key to get my booty up and in workout mode is really just sticking to a strict schedule and preparing my meals (breakfast and lunch) 5 days a week. I’ve mentioned before that I do not diet, I just eat healthy. Health and Fitness has been important for me for the past 3-4 years, what really motivated me was jealousy. I didn’t really like parts of my body and I was sick of looking at other females and being envious, it’s just not healthy. What is the point of being jealous of something because of the way they look when you have the opportunity to get your body to where you want it? So instead of hating my body and not appreciating it for what it is, I really decided to focus on particular areas to get it to where I want it to be! It wasn’t easy and it didn’t happen over night, but having a plan and sticking to it helped and motivated me.

Since we are no longer in the cold days of winter, we should have no excuse to get up and get in a solid workout, whether it is a walk in the park, a run at the gym, a fun class ( I like zumba, kickboxing and High Intensity Training) or just doing your own thing on the mat! Personally, I like to just focus on a different body part each day.

So, if you’re looking for a bit of motivation or direction in your workouts and how to stick to them, I’ve put together a few tips and ideas to get you back into your workout routine, revamp your routine and achieve your goal.


Fitness Habits 

1/  Stay hydrated, I’m sure you all already know this but keep a water bottle with you at all times. We should be drinking 2 liters / half a gallon a day.

2/  Eat breakfast every morning. More information on my eating habits in my latest fitness post!

3/  Preparing meals, personally I don’t like preparing a weeks worth of meals on Sunday and eating the same thing 5 days a week. So I’ll usually pack a yogurt, banana, or almond butter and toast for breakfast. And leftovers, a sandwich or salad for lunch the night before I go to work. This has helped me not only save my money and not spend it on junk during my lunch time, but I also know exactly what I’m eating (because I made/packed it) I honestly think this is what has helped me lose weight. More information on my eating habits. 

4/ Keep healthy snacks in your pantry or at work. I really enjoy having nuts, fruits, veggies, hummus, or individually wrapped cheese snacks at my desk and at home. This allows me to eat healthier and not grab a bag of chips or cookies.

5/ Workout the same time everyday, getting into a routine is so important that way you don’t have to ‘find time’ for a workout. I know sometimes things get in the way of your schedule, but if you have a set time you go in the week, then you don’t have to FIND TIME. Once the time is set in your schedule, I always like to say that working out turns into a lifestyle rather than a chore, it just becomes a part of your day. Personally, I like to go during my lunch time, that way I know exactly how much time I’m spending at the gym and I make sure I get a workout in at the same time each day.

6/ Revamp your wardrobe! There’s nothing better than a new pair of leggings or a cute new sports bra! I love shopping for fitness clothes, not because I love fashion, but when I look good, I feel great!

7/ Get yourself a shaker bottle and some pre / post workout drinks! I love a good pre-workout that gets me focused and energized, it’s almost like drinking coffee but its not coffee. And a post workout protein shake is good as it is used to produce muscles. It’s good to drink a protein shake right after a workout as it takes less time to digest vs. a protein filled meal.

8/  Can’t get to a gym? Work out at home, I usually like to go for a walk/ jog at the park when I don’t have time to get to the gym.

9/ Create a fun playlist that really gets your blood flowing and excited to move!

10/  Get some type of cardio in, whether it is high intensity training with no weights, running, jogging, stair master, cycling, bike riding. Anything, get out there, move, and enjoy it!

I’ve noticed that when I don’t workout or get a walk in my day, I feel sluggish, lazy, and I tend to become a potato couch which is so not me.

Fitness Schedule 

Sunday: REST
Monday: Legs Day *30-45 minutes, Cardio *20 minutes walking/jogging
Tuesday: Arms & Cardio *
Wednesday: Abs and Cardio *
Thursday: Full Body Workout *
Friday: Cardio Day, running/ jogging
Saturday: REST

Outfit Details


Victoria Secret PINK Yoga Pants (similar!)

Victoria Secret Sport Backpack

Nike Sneakers

Shredz shaker (gifted) similar!

FitBit Charge 2

What’s your fitness goal? Tighter abs? Bigger booty? Toned arms? Let me know in the comments!

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