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Lipstick Obsession: MAC Cosmetics

With the winter weather here, one trend I follow is bold/darker shades of lipstick with the exception of Pink Nouveau. You may have noticed that I’ve been wearing a lot of different shades of lipstick lately. Some I have received as gifts, borrowed from my sister and bought. There is a mixture of Matte and Satin Lipsticks.  My personal favorite is Matte because it is not shiny and when you rub your lips together, nothing smudges or comes off your lips.  Matte colors are dry for a reason, so it does not go on your chin, teeth, etc. If you think its too dry, add some lip balm and there is your moisture. 
You can buy these shades Online, any MAC store, or your local department store.
Top Left: Cyber 
This is a deep, dark, reddened purple with a Satin finish. The upside about it being satin is that it is easy to apply, so you won’t have to sit there and smudge and blend in. If you enjoy wearing lip liners with lipsticks, I would recommend night moth by MAC. The lip liner and the lipstick make the perfect combo. It is a bit dark and daring, so make sure to match it with the right outfit. I wore it in my Hint of Mint outfit with a black blouse and striped skirt. 
Top Right: Relentlessly Red
Relentlessly Red is in the Retro-Matte MAC collection that was released in Fall 2013 but is permanent in their collection. My favorite lipstick of all time, you will see me wearing this “Bright pinkish coral matte” lipstick everyday. It goes very well with a lot of my outfits because it’s not a risky color, like most of the lipsticks I have here. I would recommend to keep your makeup simple, and neutral when wearing this color mainly because all the attention focuses on that color. 
Bottom Left: Lady Danger
“Vivid bright coral red” MAC describes it, beautiful, beautiful color with a matte finish. This is another favorite of mine that makes me feel comfortable and makes my teeth look so much more whiter due to the red lips. It is very creamy and pigmented so it lasts a good 4 hours which is amazing because that way I don’t have to constantly re-apply. What I love about this matte Red Color is that it doesn’t look matte, it has a shiny tone so need to add lip balm for some shine or dryness.
Bottom Right: Pink Nouveau
Ahh, my first ever MAC lipstick and my favorite shade of pink. MAC has this shade in lipgloss as well as nail polish. This bright pink satin color is very pigmented and is perfect for any occasion because it is a light-medium pink. It is not as bright pink as MAC’s famous Candy Yum-Yum.
Center: Rebel
My most recent lipstick, I received this gorgeous deep, fuchsia berry lipstick as a christmas gift from my best friend. I have been wanting this shade for 2 months and I finally have it! It is very opaque and pigmented, one swipe of this baby across you lips and you’re ready! 

Left to Right: Lady Danger, Relentlessly Red, Rebel, Pink Nouveau, Cyber
Which one is your favorite?

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