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NAIL POLISH: Cupcakes & Cashmere

Hey Girls!

Today I wanted to share a different post – about Nails! If you’ve been following me for a while you know I’ve switched out of getting my nails done every month to doing it on my own. This has saved me so much money and is a healthier alternative to stronger + better looking nails! My only issue today is weak, brittle, peeling nails. I finally gave HUM Nutrition a try because I knew I need some type of vitamins to help my nails. HUM Nutrition’s Killer Nails supplements have done the trick, not only have they stopped peeling and breaking so often, but they finally got some length to them! An upside to this is that it also helps my hair grow stronger and faster! So you get the best of both world with these supplements.

Killer Nails’ formula is made of biotin which is vitamin necessary for cell growth, it’s also gluten free and 100% vegan!

Besides taking nutritional supplements, it’s also necessary to maintain your nails by using cuticle oil, hand cream, trimming and filing your nails on a daily/ weekly basis!

What’s your must-have nail care product? Please feel free to share!



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