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How To Style: Hats

Hats have been a huge hit this winter and I know it will continue on to spring! This trend has just gotten me obsessed with purchasing new hats, and you can literally find them anywhere! Cheap, expensive, you name it! Floppy hats, winter hats, beanies, panama hats, etc. They are all over the place! But one issue a lot of you ladies have is how to style them! It honestly all depends on what type of hat and what type of look you’re really going for. I’m the type of person that would wear a beanie with a dress and sneakers and walk out of the door, with the right confidence, you can work anything! Here are some outfits I paired with different looks…

Olivia 4 January 10th 2015 (24 of 113)

Denim // Denim 


I wanted a more casual look here so I went with a beanie! “It couldn’t be warmer than this” it says by the way. I decided to pair it with a cut scarf that is no where near the same color as the hat, but it just works because the hat is neutral.

Olivia 5 January 19th 2015 (47 of 75)


Indiana Jones meets NYC

Hat: Urban Outfitters

I kinda felt like Indiana Jones with this hat, haha! I wanted stick with the neutral colors and used the scarf as a reference, and matched everything depending on it. So the hat kinda just came perfectly with the look.




Here, I went more on the chic side because the hat is a wide-brimmed, felted-wool hat. And it has this gorgeous braided imitation leather band going around it. During these winter days, this hat is perfect stay warm and even block whatever “sun” is out there.



Crinkle / Crinkle

Hat: Urban Outfitters

At this point you can basically say I’m in love with fedoras ! I with for a more casual look with this hat because it was a bit slouch and has this  brown leather strap bearing that gave it a more jeans and kimono look.





So I just showed you a look with this same exact hat, just a more dressed up outfit, here i’m dressing it down. It has that feel where it can be dressed up or down since it is so big and bold. I believe it also has something to do with the color.

Olivia 5 January 19th 2015 (63 of 75)

Panasonic Fitness

Hat: Similar (NIKE)

Ahh! It’s always nice to keep a few adjustable work out hats on hand. It keeps my hair out of my face and soaks up and sweat! If you don’t like wearing hats while working out, there are always alternatives, such as headbands, sweatbands, and head ties! I’m loving this NIKE one! However, hats are super lightweight and if you’re not wearing make up at the gym, it covers your face if you don’t really want to be seen. haha!

Thanks so much for reading!


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