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Hello 2017! My New Year’s Resolution

Can you guys believe that 2016 is coming to an end? What a year filled with joy, disappointments, memories and new friends! I am so grateful for every single one of you for your continuous love, support and sweet comments.

Before I get into the whole new year – new goals thing, I wanted to reflect on a few things that have made this year an unforgettable one. I am so thankful for this year, I grew in so many different ways.


In my life, I grew in a few different ways: 

• I switched careers and became a product manager in a tech company!

• Kickstarted my modeling career.

• Transformed my diet and fitness routine

• Completely stopped getting gel manicures (I’m proud!)

• I started doing yoga! Such a relaxing, stress reliever added to my routine.

My business life grew as well!

•I gained an online family!

• Expanded into other categories such as beauty and fitness!

• Collaborated with several new partners! (more to come!)

It’s always nice to acknowledge your hard work for the year, this is the time to recognize it. 

My 2017 New Year’s Resolution!

My 2016 new years resolution was to find a better career and to stick to my fitness routine. It’s safe to say that with this new work schedule, I can squeeze an hour of working out/ training a day, on weekdays.

What’s your 2017 new years resolution? Mine isn’t exactly focused on me but I’m going to share it anyway. I feel as I’ve had my years to focus on myself and next year, 2017 will be focused on my loved ones! My family, friends, and you guys! My family recently got some bad news about my parents having diabetes, this effected my entire family. The most difficult part of this journey is trying to change someones bad habits, especially a completely different generation. One of my main goals for the new year is to get my parents out of diabetes. My parents have committed their life to me and my siblings, and now its time for me to grow up and give back to them. I plan on helping them get into healthier eating habits and squeezing in time for a walk or two. I’ve read in Men’s Health article, ” 5 Ways to Keep Your Workouts From Falling Off Your Schedule” that exercise makes you more productive, less sluggish, helps manage stress and fatigue. My point is that exercising is more than just going to the gym for specific results, it gives you more energy and improves your health. Reevaluating ones time and how its spent is a big part of life because you really want to focus on what’s important and do things that in the end makes you happy. For me, what makes me happy is seeing more positivity and productivity around me.

My resolution for 2017 is to focus my time on what’s most important and that means other people besides myself.

Other 2017 plans:

•Travel to new locations, states, countries, and really see whats out their in the world!

• Grow my blog in terms of understanding what you guys like and want to see more of! Stay tuned, new collaborations and projects are coming up very soon and I am so excited to share them with you!

• Be more patient with life. Good things come to those who wait and chasing something isn’t always promised, but working towards it is all you can do. Whether its a success or a failure, you know you’ve tried your best but rushing into it doesn’t help.

**I can really get deep into all of my plans but I’ll just walk you all through my journey!


Exciting things to come in 2017, including a re-vamp to Cleopatra’s Kloset and new projects. Stay tuned!

XO, Olivia

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