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Fleeky Curls




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BB Curl Primer // BB Curl Defining Cream

Shop the complete line: BB Curl Line

For the longest time I thought I was treating my curls properly with gel, moose and hairspray only to realize I was using the wrong products to keep my hair healthy! I would straighten it every now and then and damage it with heat, this caused split ends, dry hair, and ruined curls. So I started looking into curly hair products that would nourish, moisturize, and add texture to my hair.

This past fall everything changed, I decided to get a hair cut to really start taking better care of my hair. The problem with a lot of these gels and hairsprays is that it left my hair either really crunchy and hard or frizzy. I found myself having frizzy hair with a lot of fly-aways. So when I found out Bumble & Bumble was coming out with a new Curly hair line to replace their curl conscious line, I was all over it! The line comes with a new “HydraSculpt Blend” and Brazilian oils for moisture and movement. It has this amazing citrus fruity fragrance that is to die for! The formula also has UV inhibitors to protect your hair from drying out from the sun.  The products are all great and each product is meant for a different type of curl, because who wouldn’t want to change up their curl form? Each product forms a different level of curl from waves to ringlets, to corkscrews!

Depending on what day it is in my wash, my hair varies from spirals and ringlets. After my first wash and condition, I spray my hair with the BB. Curl (Style) Pre- Style/Re-Style Primer and finger comb my hair (brushing also works). After I finger comb my hair, I scrunch my hair up towards my scalp.  Then I work a quarter size dollop of the curl-defining cream into my wet hair and let air dry.  You can see what works best for you, whether air drying or blow drying with a diffuser. This product is great for any day of the week- from your first wash to your third / fourth day. Nothing wrong with leaving your hair unwashed, but please do maintain your hairdo.

The BB Curl line left my hair soft, touchable, movable, and with lots of volume! My curls were so defined and perfect! Some people like to do twist out techniques, ribboning techniques, and others to help define curls and bring them back to life! It really all depends on your type of hair, curl and preferences.

Thank you so much for reading!



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