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Olivia 5 January 19th 2015 (63 of 75)

Olivia 5 January 19th 2015 (60 of 75)

Olivia 5 January 19th 2015 (58 of 75)

Olivia 5 January 19th 2015 (74 of 75)

Olivia 5 January 19th 2015 (65 of 75)

Olivia 5 January 19th 2015 (71 of 75)

Olivia 5 January 19th 2015 (75 of 75)

Leggings: VS PINK Sweater: VS PINK Top: VS PINK Hat: Gift

Headphones: Panasonic Shoes: NIKE Protein & Shaker Bottle: Vitamin Shoppe

Happy Friday!

We all know that January is “resolution month” and many people start with the “new year new me” motto. Being healthy and exercise more is whatever wants to start the new year by doing. Sometimes a gym buddy really helps, a significant other, a family member, or a close friend. The motivation really helps push you to get out there. Plus, the two of you might get a little competitive and work even harder! It’s good to make an agreement to go a specific amount of times a week to stay motivated. I understand sometimes life gets in the way but make sure to get at least 2 days in a week. There’s also at home exercises, parks, etc. one doesn’t always have to go to the gym. I make sure to start my workout by stretching and ending it with a delicious protein shake! Stretching before and after exercising is very important so that you don’t get any cramps or pull something! I usually do the basic stretches and the few that the instructor shows in the classes I attend.  

In this post, I am wearing the last collection from VS PINK. I have been obsessing over their latest collection! Their collection fits so well! I especially love the funny tops they have ( which I show here). Who doesn’t wanna show up to the gym with a top that says “Whatever I’m getting cheese fries” ? I’m actually not a fan of cheese fries, I just found the top hilarious! Whether you’re into running, yoga, or outdoor activities, the VS collection will keep you motivated and comfortable. I usually end my workout with a protein shake to maintain lean muscle. Protein shakes can be a little gross at times, but you can always add low fat ice cream, bananas, soy milk, almonds, etc. Mine was a toffee flavored protein shake that was delicious! Make sure not to baby sit the shake and drink it all at one go!  HERE are a few easy protein shake recipes!  

I hope this pushes you to get out there and work out! Even if you start off with a walk in the park. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

What do you wear to work out?


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