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Eating Habits I Live By

Since Spring is finally here, you know what season is coming up next right? Summer! And with that being said, there is nothing more motivating than a summer bod and getting you to work out. I’ve been sticking to a fitness routine for a while now and I’ve been sharing posts on my IG story, I’m trying to share more blog posts and posts on health and fitness in general on my social media accounts. I will slowly be sharing my fitness routine with you guys, today starting off with my eating habits. I noticed that I lost some inches in my waist and that is not from dieting, but rather eating healthy. Eating less carbs and breads, and more fish, chicken, and all that good stuff. Staying away from candy, chips, all that stuff that slugs you down and makes you lazy. I do not eat fast food, I actually think it’s pretty gross.

Fun fact: I’ve worked in the fast food industry for 3 years when I first turned 16 and needed some cash! I was eating it while I was working there and I had a little gut and put on some weight from it. Working in the fast food industry really grossed me out and has taught me a lot about the industry, I haven’t touched it in 4-5 years now. If you think about the stuff they put it in, most of you don’t even know what they put in it! Heck, I don’t know what they put in it so I just stay away from that food. It’s fried, greasy, and most of the time it’s not even fresh. Honestly, the way they handle the food back there is pretty disgusting alone. So all in all, I just don’t go anywhere near any type of fast food. Some people say ‘Oh, but it’s affordable.’ Yeah, I don’t care, I’d rather starve or make my own meal than eat fast food.

The main thing I want you guys to know about me is that I do NOT diet, that word is just not in my vocabulary. I’m not trying to lose weight or gain weight in any sort of way. So, with that said, I eat very healthy and cheat here and there.

Breakfast: Cereal (almond/ coconut milk is my go-to), granola, yogurt (yay, chobani flips!), whole wheat bread with almond butter and banana slices on top. I almost always have a banana or apple, some sort of fruit on the side.

Some days when I’m in a rush, I’ll make a smoothie, or grab a granola bar. On the weekends when I have more time is when I really go in with my breakfasts, I’ll make a cream cheese and lox sandwich with an egg on top. (so good!) Or even an omelet with a lot of veggies, some bacon on the side, and a slice of bread. Like I said before, I do not diet, I just eat healthy.

Lunch: Sandwich with turkey and cheese, whole wheat bread is a must, veggies, veggies, veggies! Spinach, avocado, tomatoes, I like to dress up my sandwich sometimes and add roasted red peppers, mustard (the healthiest condiment!)

Salads with grilled chicken on top and some mozzarella or feta cheese for some flavor. I like to dress up my salads, some people think salads are boring but not when you have some fun with it! Create a fun avocado and chickpea salad with cherry tomatoes. Anything colorful is always good.

I won’t lie, sometimes I’ll grab a slice of pizza or a banh mi sandwich (delicious!)

Snacks: Hummus and veggies such as carrots, cucumbers, peppers.  A bag of nuts and dried fruit. Yogurt works here as well, or a smoothie/ shake. I always have a protein shake after each workout which consists of protein powder and almond/ coconut milk. I try to switch up my snacking so I don’t get bored and opt in for candy.

Dinner: The trickiest meal for me as most of the time I grab dinner with friends. When I’m going out to eat I’ll make grilled chicken, ground turkey, or ground chicken, I LOVE pork.(so bad, I know!)

Anyway, I’ll have my protein, with a side of veggies (usually a salad) and some type of carb, brown rice or quinoa does the trick.

I hope that gives you guys some type of motivation and a little background about what I eat and my eating habits. Stay tuned for my fitness and health routine coming up next week!

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