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Curly Hair Routine – Wash and Condition

Up-to-date wash and condition hair routine 

Products used: MCJWBeauty Shop the collection: Sephora

Lounge wear Express One Eleven Cami & shorts

Shampoo and Condition

I used MCJW shampoo and conditioner, which added the perfect amount of moisture to my hair. The Jamaican Black Castor & Murumuru oils line allows for intense hydration with its maximizing moisture. The black castor oil is great for both the hair and scalp health which also promotes hair growth.

1./ Starting with the shampoo, I focused on the scalp of my hair to gently refresh for a clean slate. Here, I’ll run my fingers through my hair to get some knots out and put whatever product is left on my hands through the curls. Once you run the leftover product through your hair, was the shampoo out of your hair completely.

Have you ever noticed that unlike straight hair, curly hair doesn’t get oily as quickly? I love that because we don’t have to wash our hair as often, however; natural scalp oils tend to flow less freely down the hair shaft of natural curly strands, leaving ends dry and fragile. I used this conditioner to add moisture to my hair and ends, leaving it nourished and soft.

2./ Completing my wash off with the conditioner, I pour some in my hand and rub my fingers through my hair. Then, I follow up with a comb, and comb my hair to ensure that all my strands are covered with the ultra-moisturizing conditioner.

Note: I do not use a towel to dry my hair, I strictly use a cotton shirt to dry my hair. This is because a towel soaks up all of the moisture, dries it, and promotes frizz for curly hair. A smooth surface like a t-shirt, or this DevaTowel helps absorb enough water that leaves your curly in place and frizz-free.

3./ To finish off my wash and condition routine, after drying my hair using a cotton t-shirt, I simply add coconut oil to my hair. I use coconut oil as a natural way to detangle my hair, help hair grow faster, and it’s also great for deep conditioning. When shopping for a coconut oil, make sure to read the label and specifically search for an oil that is cold-pressed, and never refined, deodorized, or bleached.

Stay tuned for my curly hair routine coming soon!



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