Pastel Inspiration

For the holidays coming up, I wanted to share a few outfits to help you get an idea of what to wear, whether it’s church, a brunch, a small family get together, I hope these looks inspire you or give you an idea of what to wear for your event. 

Drapey Blue

Blue // White Midi

Flounce // Blush

Outfit 1: The Limited Drapey Open Front Vest , The Limited Necklace (Similar), ZARA Jeans (old), ALDO “Peachey” Tote

Outfit 2: The Limited Striped Midi Dress (Similar!), Nine West Shoes (I got them from TJ MAXX), ALDO purse (Similar- on sale!), ZARA sunglasses

Outfit 3: Ann Taylor Blouse (similar!)Ann Taylor Ankle PantsShoes: ALDO Bordeaux Oxfords

Most of the time we scramble because we don’t have the ‘perfect Easter dress’ but it really doesn’t matter, I think that if you’re confident in your outfit, then who cares whether it is a dress or jeans? One really has to understand what their plans are and then go back and pick the outfit, I mean you don’t want to feel over dressed or under dressed for an event, so pick your outfit carefully!

I specifically picked these looks to share with you because I wanted to show you a few outfits that can relate to your weekend plans!

I felt one had more of a casual look and feel to it, but the complete outfit still related to Spring, Easter, or a fun brunch you would be attending. The other might make more sense for a more formal event, so whether you’re going to church or are attending a fun Easter party.

Either way I hope you have a fun, blessed holiday!

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