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May 2015



Happy Fitness Friday! Here’s a smoothie to motivate you to eat better, drink after the gym, or even breakfast. Β  I’m so excited to share this recipe with you smoothie lovers! I was telling my friend about the ingredients I put in this smoothie and everything sounded delicious to them up until I said Kale. hah! I said don’t say no unless you tried it. Kale, Pineapple, and Banana Smoothie – 1 banana -1 cup of pineapples -2 cups of…

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    Β Happy Cinco de Mayo! I’ve been loving long trench coats lately. This type of style is different than what I would normally wear, but I really enjoy different textures and styles. This scarf stood out to me in the store, it was big and had a different pattern to it.Β  I wanted to keep this as laid back as possible, so I went with a pair of nude heels, a camel trench, and a box purse for a…

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