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Hello fashionistas! Today, I give you a different type of outfit, a night out look!
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Lipstick: Dior- Vogue
Photo Credit:Marcus
You can’t go wrong with a black and red outfit, especially with this lovely bright red skort. Black and red is the perfect combo that I will never get tired of.  This combination especially stood out to me because of the top and skort specifically. The top, first, has two seriously hot looks, it’s reversible! Which is a big deal to me because I can wear it more twice, while not really wearing it twice. One side is what I am currently wearing, which is this fluid wet-look, I wore this on a night out in the city for a friends birthday. It was the perfect top, flashy and shimmery enough without all the dazzle. Now this skort, where do I start? The color, the shape, the material, its so daring and I love it. The skort allowed me to give off a show stopping look with this faux wrap effect in the front, with a basic short in the back. The asymmetrical lines in the front gives it a classically elegant, yet modern look. This is the perfect night out look, mainly because its a very bold and fearless look. The necklace really stood out to me, it has pearls, rhinestones, and a cord. I love a good statement necklace, and this is the definition of a statement necklace. It really stood out to me, it has so much detailing that I couldn’t keep my hands off it. 
I will be coming out with a video on this look very soon, so stay tuned for you Youtube fans that don’t like reading blogs. 
Thank you so much for reading!

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